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Introducing Brent Rittersdorf- Managing Broker, driven by PURPOSE

As Managing Broker at High Caliber Realty, Brent helps his clients make wise decisions in real estate that produce favorable results. Whether you seek keys or cash at the closing table, Brent’s clients know that his business acumen ensures a positive and professional experience.


Licensed as a Broker in Georgia and Florida, Brent’s attention to detail in residential and commercial transactions is a full time job. Brent’s clients have the confidence to know there are no distractions of a second “part time” job.

Brent supports his community - He is the President of the Marietta Business Association-2019, Hosts Kennesaw Area Business Professionals and Marietta Networking Opportunity events, current member of the Kennesaw Business Association and past VP of Public Relations in Toastmasters Serendipity Labs club in Buckhead.

“Thanks for taking a moment to learn about me. The reason I choose High Caliber Realty is simple. Some real estate companies are marketing companies that sell real estate. High Caliber Realty is a REAL ESTATE company that sells…. Real estate. I love my clients, and my clients love me. And when you work with me, you will know without a doubt, that my #PURPOSE is to help you and your friends make wise decisions in Real estate that produce favorable results!  Cheers to your #PURPOSE!”

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Brent Rittersdorf—Prepared for your call

Brent’s superior mix of experience and education in both the corporate and private business sector helps keep the business goals of your real estate experience in check. While buying, selling or investing in property can be an emotional experience; Brent’s unique perspective and attention to detail keep the end goal in mind. The combination of 20+ years at the Senior Management level in the restaurant industry and 10+years of Real Estate transactions provides his clients Knowledge and Experience. The result is the transaction will close with confidence.

Licensed in Florida and Georgia, Brent Rittersdorf achieved Broker Status in 2015, which is the highest level of licensure in the Real Estate Industry.  Ongoing continuing education such as New Home Construction Specialist and other designations helps keep Brent on top of what is going on in the industry to leverage results. Previous education includes his college degree of Hotel/Restaurant Management. Brent’s corporate career of opening over 50 restaurants and managing annual sales of 30+ million uniquely qualifies Brent to pay attention to all of the details in a transaction and prepare/react to the change that can accompany it without losing sight of the client’s goals!

Brent Rittersdorf- The Communicator

Brent knows how to speak multiple languages! Real estate transactions are only a success when the “Keys and Cash” are exchanged. There are several parties in a transaction, from attorneys, to lenders, to appraisers and inspectors. Not to mention the buyers, sellers, and agents. All of these parties have different roles, and speak different “languages” in their business. Brent’s experience and understanding of these “languages” helps him communicate effectively and ensure that every one is moving in the same direction, which is to the closing table!

Brent Rittersdorf- FULL TIME BROKER

Brent’s experience as a W-2 Employee and a 1099 Self-employed Broker is one of the reasons his clients continue to work with and refer him to others. He is not afraid to work when you need him to! While many agents choose to work as a Part Time agent, Brent knows his clients deserve the best, and works exclusively in Real Estate only. This gives his clients the peace of mind that there will not be distractions from “other” jobs that may cause delays in time sensitive matters.

Brent Rittersdorf- Your connection to Purpose

Brent spends time each business day focusing building relationships with future clients, communicating to the proper personnel with current clients and projects, and reaching out to past clients to maintain those relationships.  Why? Because he cares that you are there! And it’s not just his clients. His networking groups are full of resources that provide added value by providing professional connections to help others grow their business. Brent gets involved by hosting the Kennesaw Area Business Professional luncheons, Co-Hosting Marietta Business Association weekly networking, is a member of Kennesaw Business Association, and is the Vice President of Public Relations of the Toastmasters Serendipity Labs Buckhead chapter. 

In personal time, Brent enjoys being outdoors and endorses the Sorba Woodstock Mountain Bike group and trails. Being on the bike gives time for pause, enjoyment, and clears the air for the next business at hand. He is also spends time with his family in Phoenix and Boston.

Brent Rittersdorf- Are you ready for him to be YOUR broker?

Selling a house- How do you walk away with the most $$$ possible?
Buying a Home- How do you win the bid and get keys to the home of your dreams?
Commercial restaurants, office, and retail- how do recognize opportunities and avoid obstacles?

Brent can help you with all of these scenarios.  Give him a call.  770-405-0180